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Conscious Recycle

Improvements start from daily actions, such as being aware of how to recycle cosmetics correctly. As the Good Manufacturing Practices Authority suggests, we clearly explain where to throw away every single component of every packaging we have. Therefore everyone is easily informed about the correct bin for bulks, applicators, containers and all other little elements which compose make-up and skincare products.

Moreover we decided to delete secondary packaging for cosmetics repurchased frequently, like face cleansers, make-up removers, scented water, eyeliners and lip pencils, to reduce environmental impact.

Reef Responsability

We take care of our planet above and under the sea level because we know that plastic isn’t the only danger for our reef and chemicals can do even worse. For this reason we introduce CORAL REEF SAFE cosmetics doing our part to protect our planet in the deep!

Less ingredients more safeguard

With our products we want to reach every single beauty lover, taking care of everyone’s long term health. That means to create cosmetics without potentially harmful ingredients such as TEA, Parabens, Ftalati, Gluten and more, and in 2022 we launched the Stalky Collection that is also SEPHORA Clean!

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