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Inspired by everyday needs

We create makeup and skin care starting from the requests that we receive every day from online and offline stores and from the needs that we front of every single day, in and out of our offices. Our cosmetic specialists are happy to work hard to anticipate trends and satisfy women and men who trust in cosmetics’ power for taking care of our skin first and highlighting the beauty with make-up to be more self-confident!

Inclusive shade range

In terms of shades we developed new formulas with our entrusted manufacturers declining them in all the tones and undertones possible to let everyone find the perfect match. The Beyond Coverage Foundation, as an example, has tones for the lightest and pale skin to the darkest ones, or the Set & Define brow palettes that match every natural hair color, or the Reset Palette with blush, highlighters and contour powders dedicated to each skin tone range.

Inclusive skincare routine

There are no make-up textures that can really enhance a non-treated skin, so we encourage people of every age to take care of the skin first and then apply make-up to emphasize and highlight it. We created different skincare routines though to minimize the most common skin problems and imperfections with face cleanser, serums, creams, mechanical and chemical exfoliators to give relief to dry, oily, combination, sensitive and mature skin and achieve all the result possible such as a glowy and more toned skin, fighting wrinkles, acne, dark spot or blemishes.

Discover more about how we take care of the planet and ingredients which we remove from our cosmetics (Gluten, TEA, Parabens, Ftalati,ecc…)

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